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r e u n i t e : a short course is a beautiful eBook full of amazing insights and resources designed to help you reunite with your partner. Bringing together wisdom from her own experiences, and other experts she has worked with over the years, Amy shares tools to support you in strengthening your intimate relationship.

What about us? 

There’s a time in a woman’s life when everything becomes about the children. Her sense of self and focus on her own needs are put to one side as she navigates the early years of parenthood.

We get that. We know that’s part of the process.

But after a while, we begin to realise that maybe, just maybe, we need to start shifting that focus back onto ourselves a little. Sure, it may feel scary, and selfish, but it’s time. We can see, and feel, that without some sense of self again, we’re going to completely lose ourselves to motherhood. And so we begin.

But what about our relationship? 

What about the connection with our partner, our passion, our feeling of being a woman beyond motherhood?

Eventually, there comes a time when these questions begin to surface too, and often, we don’t know where to start.

How do we reconnect with our partner after months, sometimes, years of simply co-parenting?

How do we deal with the resentment, the anger, or the simple apathy that has been there for so long?

How do we even begin to feel sexy, passionate and desirable again after babies and broken sleep?

How do we reunite as a couple again – when everything has changed?

This short course, containing a 16 page e-book, meditation, worksheets, and audio recordings, walks you through the process of reuniting with your partner.

It will:

  • allow you to let go of any judgment you have around your current partner, and any past hurts and pains.
  • bring a new understanding of why things are the way they are, and how to forgive and let go with compassion.
  • reconnect you with your inner desire and passion, even if you’re still surrounded by kids all the time.
  • help you talk to your partner in a new way, bringing a new sense of understanding to your relationship
  • guide you to look at yourself differently, and therefore allow you to feel more supported, seen, heard, and adored.

This short course includes:

  • a 16 page e-book, including insights into Amy’s journey in reuniting in a new way with her partner, and insights from teachers and experts from around the world
  • a brand new meditation to bring a new and deeper understanding to your relationship with both yourself and your partner
  • two audio recordings outlining the step-by-step teachings that have changed Amy’s and hundreds of other’s relationship
  • two printable worksheets to help you take action in your own life and relationship

All for $42.



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